Verdicchio Winter FavouritesWinter is approaching fast, and although we will miss the fun in the sun, the colder weather is perfect for these hearty and comforting meals.

Verdicchio 6 Favourite IngredientsIf you consider yourself a foodie, you know that great ingredients are essential to creating exceptional meals. These are a few of our favourites and will most likely be a feature in your own kitchen as well.

Verdicchio Christmas LunchesCome on through to Verdicchio Restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious Christmas Eve or Christmas Day feast that the whole family will appreciate. Whether you’re planning a quiet Christmas Dinner or a massive family affair, we’ve got you covered!

Verdicchio Family LunchesSpending time with family around the table need not mean that you have to spend the afternoon chopping onions, piling up dishes, setting tables, pouring endless cups of tea and refilling glasses of juice.

Verdicchio Date NightIt’s no surprise that relationships take time and attention. Fortunately, you can improve and nurture yours by simply making a commitment to having regular date nights with your other half in the romantic setting of Verdicchio Restaurant and Wine Cellar.

What's even better is that pasta is also good for you!

Verdicchio Correct way to enjoy PastaThe correct way to eat pasta is at Verdicchio Restaurant and Wine Cellar. When you're in the mood for some delicious, Italian Pasta, Verdicchio is the place to be. Besides being delicious, pasta has plenty of health benefits. With all the "fad-diets" doing the rounds, pasta has got a bad rap lately, and it seems, quite unfairly.

We’ve all heard that a glass of wine here and there is good for you, but how exactly does it contribute to your health?

Verdicchio Award Winning Wine & BenefitsThere are endless ways, a little wine at the end of the day can go a long way when it comes to beneficial effect. Here are Verdicchio, we offer an Award-Winning selection of delectable Wines from all over the World.

A sweet tart that is a perfect ending to any meal.

Verdicchio  Pecan Nut TartHere at Verdicchio Restaurant and Wine Cellar, we serve a sweet tart that is a perfect ending to any meal.

Verdicchio chef reveals his favourite meals on the menu.

Verdicchio Mediterranean DietEating well-balanced and healthy food not only maintains weight, but keeps your mood in check. Plus, experts reveal that following a Mediterranean diet helps protect against depression. So we’ve got you covered in every way! When it comes to delicious food, our chef, Steve, has it all sorted out. So we had to share some of his favourite, must-try meals from our menu. Get ready to salivate. You’re welcome.

Eating should be enjoyed, not feared.

Verdicchio Mediterranean DietThere are so many reasons to dine at Verdicchio. Not only is the ambience perfect and the food oh-so-divine, but it’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with your favourite person. And we all know that living the Mediterranean life is the answer to a healthier you, so what more could you ask for!

Clink clink, here’s to sipping the perfect glass of vino. Verdicchio’s wine fundi Justin Lee and Wine Concepts’ go-to gal Amelia Visser cover the A to Zs of what’s trending on the wine front this summer.

The aisles are vast … to-the-point-of-no-return kinda vast. The rows upon rows of bottles feel as if they’re closing in on you. Cabernet … Chenin … Shiraz. Your palms are sweaty. Your throat is parched … which wine will you choose? Truth is, for the vast majority of us picking the perfect bottle can be a terrifying business. Which is exactly why we’ve rounded up two of Joburg North’s top wine gurus to break it down for you and give us their top picks for summer.

Dinner with your best friends is always something to look forward to, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. This Friday was no different. After a stressful week at the office, a glass of wine with friends really does the trick to wash away all your worries

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