Verdicchio Mediterranean Diet

Verdicchio chef reveals his favourite meals on the menu.

Eating well-balanced and healthy food not only maintains weight, but keeps your mood in check. Plus, experts reveal that following a Mediterranean diet helps protect against depression. So we’ve got you covered in every way! When it comes to delicious food, our chef, Steve, has it all sorted out. So we had to share some of his favourite, must-try meals from our menu. Get ready to salivate. You’re welcome.

Bozooki Salad

The combination of chicken and halloumi on a bed of fresh greens, peppers and onions, makes this a dish enjoyable and pleasantly tasty, perfect for that light meal option.


No more to say but just try Verdicchio’s best loved pasta and you’ll see how the pesto cream sauce, with grilled chicken strips and sun dried tomatoes leaves your mouth melting, and you completely satisfied.

Veal Saltimbocca

A mix of flavours with each bite, you can see why we chose this dish — veal scallops, parma ham, sage pan fried in butter, bell peppers and a creamy white sauce. Every ingredient in this dish complements one another, making it the perfectly balanced veal dish.

Pasta Granada

Everyone’s favourite, tossed through a flambé Grana Padano cheese at your table side. Wild mushroom, garlic, onion and pancetta in a truffle cream sauce. Just delicious!

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