Verdicchio Family LunchIf you consider yourself a foodie, you know that great ingredients are essential to creating exceptional meals. These are a few of our favourites and will most likely be a feature in your own kitchen as well.

Onions are a staple and enhance savoury dishes of almost every type of cuisine. What smells better than caramelised onions? If it weren’t for the humble onion, many savoury dishes would be seriously lacking. Not only does it provide a full-flavoured element, but the health benefits alone are reason enough to incorporate in almost every meal. It's a fat burner, reduces inflammation, increases bone density and helps reduce bad cholesterol!

Garlic adds flavour to our dishes easily without any unhealthy fats or processed ingredients. It has a depth of flavour that complements other ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, chilli, ginger and basil.

What would we do without our favourite funghi? They are incredibly versatile - roast them, grill them or sauté them! They can be used in side dishes and sauces or be the star ingredient in the main meal.

The fragrant basil leave adds depth and flavour that is not easily rivaled by other herbs. It's the ultimate complement to tomatoes and also pairs wonderfully with garlic, olives and onions.

Black pepper
Your spice cabinet might be filled with a multitude of bottles and boxes, but do not underestimate the trusty black pepper! When used in moderation, it will subtly enhance the other flavours in a dish. Freshly ground black pepper will pep up even the most modest meal.

There’s nothing like a juicy tomato in season! It's a staple in our salads, soups and sauces. It is rich in colour, taste and antioxidants and nothing sums it up better than this quote.

A tomato may be a fruit, but it is a singular fruit. A savoury fruit. A fruit that has ambitions far beyond the ambitions of other fruits. - E. Lockhart

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